We create wealth to individual investors through strategic real estate investments

We create wealth for individual investors through strategic real estate investments

Is Real Estate Investing a Fit For You?

Real estate investment is the foundation for long term wealth. See if real estate investing is a fit for your portfolio.

Invest with Western Canadian Properties Group

Learn how to purchase quality cash-flowing real estate investments in high-growth markets without the headaches. Develop a plan to buy 3, 5, 10 investment properties.


We provide residential revenue Investment Properties that provide positive cash flow and full service to actively maintain and manage your property to achieve maximum returns.

85 projects +

have been completed by our management team across North America.


properties we assisted our clients in acquiring

$1 Billion +

of quality properties have been acquired by our clients across North America.

25 years

of experience developing and selling real estate to help you.

Multi-Award-Winning Team

We pride ourselves on hiring technically experienced and qualified leaders in their fields. As a result, our projects have collectively won more than twenty awards. Our team of chosen architects, designers, and engineers, are also award winning specialists who have helped define growth in their fields through ongoing education, public speaking, and peer-review publications.
We have assembled one of the finest teams of passionate real estate professionals. With decades of experience, hundreds of millions of dollars of properties developed, and thousands of happy clients, the only question is

What is holding you back?

Education Articles

Educational and Interesting Articles On Real Estate Investment Opportunities.


Why More People Are Investing In Real Estate

The Senior Management at Western Canadian Properties Group have developed and sold over 12,000 properties over the last 20 years, through a well-proven and investor-friendly system that we believe the best in the industry today…


How GDP Growth Can Influence The Price Of Real Estate

We’ve said this before: the most important part of any real estate purchase is its long term performance. This appreciation builds real wealth. With an ability to identify long term performance trends, it’s not hard to pick the right region in which to buy property.


7 Things To Know Before Investing In Real Estate

Educate Yourself Knowledge can take you from being a “good” investor to a great investor. This has always been true. What is going to separate you from the pack is how much research you put into your investments and how often…

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