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At Western Canadian properties group, we assist our clients in acquiring brand-new, cash flowing, investment real estate in high-growth markets across North America.

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Experience Armchair
Real Estate Investment

We get it, you’re busy. You are a successful individual. And that means your business needs to be your focus, not managing tenants who want light-bulbs replaced. That is why we created the WCPG Armchair Program. What is the WCPG Program? It is armchair real estate investment. It is a comprehensive program pioneering opportunities for real estate investment in high-growth markets. It is your real estate investment left in the hands of the professionals to manage, to place and retain renters, to keep them happy, to replace the light-bulbs and leave you to focus on what you do best. It is the real estate investment strategy tailored for the modern investor.

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Real Estate Investment
at the Speed of Life

The WCPG Armchair Program does the leg work for you as we work tirelessly toward the goal of long-term wealth creation through real estate investment. How? First, we identify high-growth markets through our expert analysis of market trends, demographic shifts and economic indicators that uncover emerging real estate markets across North America that demonstrate the highest potential for growth in value. Timing is key as we are looking for investment opportunities at low points in the value cycle in order to provide our clients with maximum potential for capital appreciation. When we identify an investment opportunity that meets our stringent requirements; we move quickly. We acquire the best development property; we get to work designing and building quality homes that tenants will be proud to call home. We leverage the relationships we have developed over our decades in business to setup local property management that is hyper-focused on protecting our clients investments every day. The WCPG Armchair Program is a tried and tested model that allows us to acquire top quality real estate investment properties for our clients.

Meet The
Virtual Apartment Building

The Virtual Apartment Building system is a unique strategy that allows clients to accumulate a diversified portfolio of well-selected real estate investment properties without the hassles traditionally associated with investment property ownership. Imagine being able to buy the exact amount of real estate that you can afford in a number of diversified emerging markets that are expertly selected in order to create the real estate investment portfolio required to meet your objectives. Over time you might acquire investment properties in different cities, states, or even countries, all of which were purchased at optimal times for each location’s market conditions. Now imagine that all of these buildings are managed by an expert property manager dedicated to enhancing the value of your real estate investment on an ongoing basis and reporting to you as if all of these units were part of one virtual building. That’s the Virtual Apartment Building – a diversified portfolio of well-selected, top-quality real estate investment properties located in emerging growth markets and managed on your behalf as a single real estate investment portfolio aimed at meeting your wealth-creation objectives.

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Quality Homes

Why Work With WCPG?

We have assembled one of the finest teams of passionate real estate professionals. The completeness of our in-house skill set means we control the entire process from evaluating and identifying potential high-growth markets, to designing, building and even selling the final quality homes. The result? An exceptional real estate investment opportunity that is the pinnacle and crowning acheivement of our 25-years of experience.


How Does WCPG Select
High Growth Markets?

WCPG is not just another property developer. We develop properties exclusively in high-growth markets across North America. Markets that have the maximum potential for sustained, higher than average growth. The next logical question then is: how does WCPG identify, qualify, and select these markets?

We Identify

Our team is constantly reviewing the macro economic trends of regions across North America, searching for areas with above average medium and long-term economic prospects.

We Qualify

Within these potential markets we then zero in on specific towns and cities and review demographic data and other factors that are proven indicators for imminent and sustainable growth potential.

We Select

We select markets with strong in migration, positive population growth and rising economic prospects.

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WCPG builds and sells quality brand-new, cash-flowing properties in high-growth markets across North America. We help our clients acquire a secure financial future through creative real estate investment strategies.

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